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PanamaOffers  is a powerful and growing community dedicated to creating a New Economy where sustainability prospers. Audiences and brands unite on our platform, where we work to nurture and grow a community dedicated to sustainable living.

  • We connect local businesses with consumers who desire their sustainable products and services.
  • We network businesses with one another to strengthen and grow their ecosystem.
  • We promote our Community Partners to the PanamaOffers community to further their social missions.
  • PanamaOffers provides consumers with trusted information about local providers for home, health, and other life service needs — and gives businesses the tools to drive “word of mouth” online.

Today, PanamaOffers is expanding nationwide and now lists businesses across the country. Key categories include Restaurants, Shopping, Hotels & Travel, Automotive, Nightlife.

Carsten Costa, a passionate website operator, who fell in love with Panama and its inhabitants a long time ago.

PanamaOffers gives your potential customers the ability to search for service professionals like you by category, specialties, location, reviews, and keywords relevant to your business. These keywords tied to your profile — so the more information you provide, the easier it is for customers to find you.

PanamaOffers consumers have access to your business information so they can call or e-mail you at the very moment they are actively searching for your services.

PanamaOffers works with data providers who collect publicly-available business information such as name, location, and phone number. To ensure this information is correct, we encourage companies to come online and add more details about their services. This extra information gives consumers an edge in picking the right company to get the job done. Is your business listed on Click here to register your business. gives you a powerful opportunity to reach your target customers at the very moment they are searching for your service and provide them with more useful, in-depth information than they cannot get from any other search option. Read Why Choose PanamaOffers.

Registering is easy! First, you can save time by checking to see if your business already listed on Start by doing a simple search using the search box at the top of any PanamaOffers page. If you find your business in the search results, click on your business’ name. Then, look for the “Claim Now” button. You will be taken to a landing page where you can register your business, add content, and make corrections.

Read: How It Works

If your business not already published on, go back to the PanamaOffers Homepage and click the “+Add Listing” link. On the next page you’ll find options on listing your business, and then you can follow a simple step-by-step process to register your profile.

We encourage individuals and businesses to join PanamaOffers to enjoy all our member benefits and fully participate in our community.
Join to:

  • Stay in the know about sustainable products, services, and happenings via our newsletter.
  • Rate and review businesses to inform other users and provide feedback to businesses
  • Save businesses you love to Favorites.
  • Contact businesses directly from their Listings
  • Just login each time you visit the site (we will recognize you!) to make the most of your PanamaOffers experience.
  • Business owners, please visit our Business Membership page to learn more about the many benefits of becoming a member.

No. With a detailed profile on, your business will appear in search results with all other businesses in the market, whether or not you maintain a business website.

Yes! If you do have a website, by all means link to it. You should give customers as many ways to reach you as possible.

Absolutely. You can log in to your profile and add or edit content on your profile at any time.

Yes. PanamaOffers offers a variety of advertising options customized to fit your business needs. Contact me directly on [email protected] for more details.

Please select which of the business profiles you wish to register. Then Contact Us with the exact spelling of the duplicate profile as it is displayed on along with the phone number and address. We will gladly remove the duplicate. Please allow 48 hours for the changes to appear on the website.

Yes. Each registration must contain a unique business name, unique phone number, unique contact e-mail address, and unique user name. Please know that duplicate accounts will be deleted.

Yes. An e-mail was delivered to you shortly after creating your profile. This email contains instructions for confirming your registration. You must confirm your registration before your business profile will show on

Note: even if you registered a pre-existing business on, you still must confirm your registration. 

You may enjoy the website without registering, but only registered members can rate and review businesses, use our awesome Favorites feature, correspond with business owners via their Listings, and receive our newsletter.

Profile Building Tips

A listing is a business member benefit and a smart solution for any small to mid-sized business or non-profit eager to reach the green consumer. Review our Business Membership page to determine your eligibility, review our Terms & ConditionsListing Guide and Content Guidelines to be sure it is a good fit, and choose an appropriate membership level.

You should Contact Us as our experts have put together a library of information to help you get the most out of your profile. With advice on how to personalize your business listing, score higher on search results, and more, there is valuable information here for everyone.

FREE Listings are sponsored by PanamaOffers. In return, PanamaOffers reserves the right to link to other areas of interest within the page. Premium Listings are sponsored by the business owner. Therefore, PanamaOffers does not publish these features to Premium profiles.

PanamaOffers’s “Ad” feature randomly displays profiles in similar categories that have received ratings and reviews.

It only take a few steps to join PanamaOffers as a Business Member. Here is a step-by-step guide to adding your business listing.

To get started, click on Add Listing from any page on the site.

You’ll want to scroll down the Business Membership Page to familiarize yourself with the many ways we connect our members with our growing community of sustainable consumers and with one another.

Make sure you’ve reviewed our Eligibility Requirements and our Sustainability Pledge. And don’t worry – we don’t expect your business to be 100% sustainable – part of our mission is to help you set goals and create initiatives to reach them.

Choose the membership plans that best suits your business. Clicking Continue brings you to the Submit Listing page. (Once you’ve created your listing, you’ll be prompted to Pay and Publish it.

Now you’re ready to create your listing on PanamaOffers!

  1. Gather the assets you need to complete your profile: a logo, at least five great photos, and a description of your products or services.
  2. Fill out your basic profile – your business name, tagline, address, phone, and website. The template is straightforward to use, and there are lots you can add to make your listing stand out.  Type your town or city into the required field – making sure to use this format: comma, space CT – and also type your address into Google Maps and let it auto-populate. Don’t overwrite what comes up in Google. If the google address looks wrong, you can go to manual coordinates and use drop pin and will allow site visitors to find you on the map feature.  If you don’t want to share your street address, you can type the name of your town or even the state name.

You can use the default business hours, click to remove them and leave this blank or add your hours.

We want you to get found in searches, so it’s essential that you select one or more business categories, and be sure also to check off any distinctive features associated with that category. The elements will populate as you choose the type. Contact us if you feel we should add a group.

Want to generate leads from your listing?  Add your email address to enable users to contact yours from the form on your Listing.

Price range is an optional field.  It’s great for restaurants, stores or individual service providers.

You can now save your basic profile and come back to add and edit photos, videos, certifications, awards, and more details anytime.

  1. Save, Preview, Pay & Publish your listing.  Next, you’ll need to agree to our Terms of Use. We encourage you to look over this document as well as our Privacy Policy and other legal documents that detail our protections, protocols, and rules of conduct.

When you’re ready, you can Save and Preview your listing. Click and Publish now, or go back in and Edit, Update and Preview before selecting Pay & Publish.

To make your listing live, click on Pay & Publish

Select Stripe or PayPal for payment. Now Proceed to Checkout.

  1. Make it sparkle and shine! After you’ve created your primary listing, you’ll want to enhance it with details that distinguish your business.

Got a sustainability story to tell? Share it with the PanamaOffers community in your detailed description.  When filling out the specified description field, be sure to either type your text or copy paste it from an unformatted source.  Material pasted directly from a webpage or formatted document will not format correctly in the form.

Frequently asked questions is a great place to highlight something you want users to know about your business.

Add social media URLs, and keywords to help you get found in searches.

Now let your friends and fans know you’re part of our community. Share your listing on social media, send out the press release and post your badge on your website.

You can add a URL for your Youtube or Vimeo video that will feature at the top of your listing.

Our site is full of beautiful images, and your listing displays photos in several ways.

Upload multiple photos – jpegs please – by dragging and dropping them into the images field.  We recommend max five photos here so that they will fill the gallery display on the header of your listing.

Use the Browse button below the images field to add a featured photo. Choose your favorite of the pictures you uploaded to your gallery.  This photo will appear wherever your listing displays on the site as a card – on the home page, in category pages, search results, and ads, this is the place where you can upload a featured promotion for an upcoming event or special offer.  We advise against using your logo here – it will be covered by text and will display better in the header gallery area.

You will want to visit your dashboard frequently to update your listing, check user engagement analytics, read and respond to reviews, and create ad campaigns.

We can’t wait to welcome you to the PanamaOffers community!

We welcome our business members to advertise by promoting their Listings on our website. Our ad services are accessible to business members via the account dashboard. Non-members may not advertise unless they are corporate sponsors. Corporate Sponsors play a vital role in community building through sponsorship of business networking events, public events, newsletters, publications, activities and guides. Click here to learn more about becoming a corporate sponsor.

Business Listing

Our PanamaOffers website is an “End to End Directory”- it is as simple as 1, 2, 3, (4)!

At the FRONT END – Panama Visitors and Inhabitants can:

  • SEARCH world-wide listings for where to STAY – EAT – TOUR – RETREAT.
  • LEAVE a PanamaOffers REVIEW on any individual listing and share travel experiences with other guys.
  • BECOME A MEMBER of our Facebook Group: PanamaOffers Business Talk and join the conversation!
  • SIGN IN and CONNECT with providers through WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger.
  • From the BACK END – Travel related service providers can list and promote their business:-
  1. LIST NOW – choose a plan, list the company, preview, and edit.
  2. PAY and PUBLISH – your listing will be verified and approved by our moderators.
  3. Your listing will GO LIVE on! You can then comment and respond to PanamaOffers Reviews. Businesses that list for 6 or 12 months will include in a Facebook Post and feature in our PanamaOffers Newsletter.

Our Directory platform connects customer with providers who offer related services. PanamaOffers takes NO BOOKING FEES – potential customers redirected to your services via your website link and contact form on your listing.

Do you as a service provider currently pay booking fees? Let us crunch the numbers for you. For example – say your property has a 50% occupancy rate and sells for $100 US per night. A conservative 5% booking fee costs you the provider – $700 US per annum. At PanamaOffers you can list your business for $75 US per annum, and all customers redirected to you!

PanamaOfferes offers a choice of 3 LOW COST opportunities to place your business in front of a highly motivated audience of potential customers who are searching for your services!

ONE DOLLAR – As an Introductory Offer to launch PanamaOffers – The first 100 business listings are 1 $US* for one year! (*”FIRST 100 FOR ONLY 1$US” account). With Badge– $52 US/Year and $96 US/Year for TWO WEBSITES. We also have a FREE Listing Offer with fewer Features.PROMOTE YOUR BUSINESS – with a 30 day Premium Ad – $30 US.

We recommend:

  • Media Galerie: 800x800px .jpeg, .jpg o .png
  • Feature Image: 1000x1000px .jpeg, .jpg o .png
  • Company Logo: 165x165px .jpeg, .jpg o .png

The subject should always appear in the center of the image.

100 kilobytes per image are more than sufficient to present it sharply.

TIP! Compress your Pictures before uploading with before uploading TIP!

Yes, providers can list all of the following: Restaurants, Hotels, Service you offer as his own.

At the end of the listing process, you can pay for any of the available Premium Ads.

Your listing will appear in the search results but without the verified sign until you send scanned copies of the following documents:

  1. Any document that certifies that you own the place/business that you are listing e.g. an electricity/utilities bill or Council rates notice.
  2. The address given must match the address listed.
  3. One other verification – email address, phone number or Facebook page.

to [email protected] for verification by our moderators.

Search Results

PanamaOffers’s search results are designed to rank listings based on their relevance to the search request. However, there are a few things that will help you place higher in the results:

  • For highest placement, consider use the Business profile. If you already do than we give you the offer to place your business form of Ads in Front of the others Listings.
  • Make sure that you have indicated your business specialties for the category in which you listed.
  • Ask your customers to rate and review your business.

PanamaOffers’s search results are designed to rank listings based on their relevance to the search request. This relevance based on several factors, including how closely the search request matches PanamaOffers’s categories and other keywords (or the business name), the distance from the searcher’s location, and how much information the business gives PanamaOffers when it registers. The more information you give PanamaOffers when you register your business, the more likely the business is to appear near the top of a related search request.

Keywords are directly related to specialties.

They are the average of the total overall star rating of your reviews rounded to the nearest half star.

We are proud to have created a platform that prioritizes locally owned businesses. If your business provides goods or services that you believe would appeal to our users, please Contact Us even if you are not eligible to join. We look forward to hearing from you and thank you for your interest.

National brands, multi-national companies are welcome to explore becoming a Corporate Sponsor. Click here to learn more and start a dialog.

Your Business Information

Please allow 12 hours for new business profiles to publish. If your business has not published to the website after this time, Contact Us for a list of possibilities and solutions.

Yes, the “Panama Insider” is a free newsletter e-mailed monthly to all registered businesses. “Panama Insider” offers advice and tips for getting the most out of your profile and the best ways to grow your business.

Name change requests go into a queue that is checked each business day, except holidays. We will do our best to approve requests that follow our style guidelines within 12 hours. Approved changes show on the website within 24 hours.

Business names must follow the following guidelines:

  • Names must appear in title case only, not in ALL CAPS.
  • Names must be the actual name of the business.
  • Slogans, service area or payment-type information is not allowed.

PanamaOffers maps are powered by google map. If your map is incorrect, you first may want to check your business address for accuracy. While entering your business address, should it be unrecognizable, PanamaOffers will suggest variations of the address based on available information in our database. Often, using the suggested version of the address will correct your map.

If your address is new, you may wish to contact GoogleMap directly. They will coordinate with the Panama Postal Service to make the latest information available.

We are always happy to update our list of categories for businesses that do not see the perfect fit. We want your business to get found easily! Please contact us at [email protected] to let us know the nature of your business and what category you would like to see it under.

Reviews & Favorites

Yes. PanamaOffers encourages visitors to give accurate and honest reviews of local service professionals. To protect the credibility of these reviews, we allow consumers to review a business location only once. That’s why we ask visitors to register first.

We do not remove many reviews, nor do we edit them. PanamaOffers gives consumers the opportunity to voice their opinions about local businesses they have used, so you will find both positive and negative reviews throughout the site. We’re often asked — essentially — to determine whether the merchant or customer is right. We can’t possibly determine that.

Reviews must abide by our Visitor Agreement. Contact Us to let us know if you think a review of your business is in clear violation. Please be sure to tell us your business name, phone number, city, state and the username on the review you want us to check.

We encourage you to do the following:

Have your loyal customers become members of PanamaOffers and share their experience. Not everybody will have a great experience every time they use a service. However, we believe a high number of good reviews offset the impact any negative reviews may have. Also, know that the first page of your PanamaOffers profile will display only the ten most recent reviews. Therefore, ten positive reviews will push negative reviews off the first page.
Please allow 48 hours for new comments or reviews to publish to

PanamaOffers encourages PanamaOffers consumers to give honest feedback. PanamaOffers can not weigh competing claims, but we do offer all merchants the opportunity to respond to their reviews. Reviews must abide by our Content Guidelines and our Visitor Agreement.

There are a few possible reasons:

  • Consumers must confirm their user registrations by e-mail before their reviews are published. If your customer did not confirm their registration, their reviews will not be published.
  • It may take 48 hours for new or edited reviews to publish.
  • Consumers may edit a review at any time.
  • Each business location contains its reviews. When a place deleted, so are any associated reviews.
  • If you have multiple locations and one of them does not have any reviews, it may be possible that the place you found on is that location without reviews.
  • Finally, PanamaOffers reserves the right to refuse or remove any review that does not comply with our Content Guidelines or our Visitor Agreement.

Each business location contains its own records. Therefore, a consumer must rate and review each location individually.

Service standards may vary from one location to another. This feature allows consumers to see an accurate rating for each individual location. Further, should a consumer post a poor rating for one location, the other locations are not affected.

Click the save label on any business profile to save it to your list of Favorites. Look for the heart icon in your dashboard menu, then click on it to reveal your Favorites.


At the end of the listing process.

In order to keep our prices as low as possible, PanamaOffers accepts PayPal and Stripe only.
If you do not have account on one or both, you can use your credit card on PayPal and Stripe as well.

We on PanamaOffers do not store any of your payment information. 

You will add your personal and billing information on a secure server of Paypal or Stripe.

Any personal information, including your name, address, is secured for transmission over the internet using industry-standard Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) encryption.

PanamaOffers is a Directory not a booking site. Currently there is no goods and services tax added to your listing fee.

To avoid losing your upgraded features, we send a reminder by email seven days before your listing or Ad will running out.

Thousands of merchants are reporting tremendous increases in quality leads coming to their business through their upgraded profiles. If you are not seeing the results you want, you may wish to consider revising your profile so that it is more appealing to potential customers. Contact Us for advice on how to personalize your business listing, scores higher on search results, and more.

If you still would like to cancel your upgraded profile, you can write to our Ads team at [email protected] with subject line; Upgrade Cancellation Request, with the e-mail you signed up on the website with.

Cancellations will process during PanamaOffers’s regular business hours. Cancellations received after 6:30 P.M.(CET) will be processed the next business day Monday – Friday (excluding holidays). Your account will downgrade to a FREE listing at the end of your current billing period.

IMPORTANT: If you have more than one PanamaOffers profile, you must submit a separate cancellation for each one. Each profile has its own unique login information. Therefore, submitting a cancellation for one profile will not automatically cancel any additional profiles.

Contact Us

The best and fastest way to get a response to your questions is through Online Support.
Phone(whatsapp) support is available for Premium profile subscribers Monday – Friday, 09:00A.M. – 06:30P.M.(CET) For the Premium support phone(whatsapp) number, log in to your profile and look for the Contact Support button. Please have your account number ready.

To upgrade to a Premium listing, contact Sales at +41 076 725 17 32 or register online.
To purchase display advertising such as featured listings, sponsorship, etc., contact Ad Sales at [email protected]

Our Sales Teams are available Monday – Friday, 09:00A.M. – 06:30P.M.(CET) If you have questions regarding your profile, Customer Support can help you.

First, it is important to understand that even the most dedicated businesses will inadvertently make errors and omissions. Second, many businesses are not 100% sustainable, but still need and deserve our support as they transition to a more sustainable business model.

If you feel a business is somehow in violation of our Rules & Regulations or has committed an egregious act, please let us know so we can work with our business member to address your concerns. We care about you and want you to feel validated, respected and heard. Businesses that are found to violate our Terms & Conditions and Visitor Agreement will have their memberships terminated

The easiest and most secure way to reach us is via our Contact Us page. You can also message us on our Facebook page and Twitter . Thank you and we look forward to hearing from you!

Events & Sponsorship

We certainly plan to! Our events will be featured in our newsletters, on our blog and on social media. We will participate in our Community Partners’ events as sponsors and exhibitors, and look forward to announcing PanamaOffers events. We are planning annual awards events and expos, both with support from our Corporate Sponsors.

Visit our Partnership page to learn more about the role of corporate sponsors and Contact Us to start a conversation. We look forward to hearing from you and thank you for your interest.

Contact Us and we will add you Event – write your own content, provide your own image and we will feature your Event on our News & Tips page with up to 200 words, 1 photos, URL link, social media links, comment section for users (comments will need to be approved by our moderators before publishing).

Contact Us and we will add you Advertorial – write your own content, provide your own image and we will feature your Advertorial on our News & Tips page with up to 200 words, 1 photos, URL link, social media links, comment section for users (comments will need to be approved by our moderators before publishing).


Thousands of merchants are getting great results from their advertising. We want to hear your story. Please Contact Us and tell us all about it.

We would love to publish your News, Events and Offers related stories on our News & Tips page. Here is are guidelines to Write for Us, and Contact Us if you feel good with them.

Thousands of merchants are getting great results from their advertising. We want to hear your story. Please Contact Us and tell us all about it.

We would love to publish your News, Events and Offers related stories on our News & Tips page. Here is are guidelines to Write for Us, and Contact Us if you feel good with them.