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PanamaOffers Blog has a Streamlined Focus on Entrepreneurship and Businesses for Startups and SMEs (Small and Medium Scale Enterprises), and we are passionate about our vision to ‘Enterprise Panama, One Blog Post at a Time.’

Author Rules

Write for us and earn

What We Require From You

First, we expect you to be a researcher! We require original, interesting, compelling, well researched, and proven articles that empower Startups and SMEs to Start, Run, and effectively manage their businesses in any enterprising Industry in Panama. We could give you topics on any of the following:

  1. ‘How To’ Articles, e.g., ‘How to Start a B&B in Panama’
  2. ‘List’ Articles, e.g., ‘11 Things Investors Look for in Startups’
  3. Argumentation or Opinionated Articles, e.g., ‘SEO vs. PPC | Who Wins?’
  4. Research-based or data-driven articles
  5. Inspirational/Motivational Articles with no religious bias.
  6. You could also suggest topics and submit them based on the list above.
    We expect you to be an authority in the field/industry you are writing in.
    At the very least, we assume you to do an exhaustive study and research.

How We Want the Articles

  1. Minimum of 350-word articles.
  2. Original content, never published anywhere. Can’t overemphasis that.
  3. Calibri 12, single line spacing in Microsoft Word
  4. Original images or credits of copyrighted images. Better still, you can leave the pictures to us.
  5. Voice (Ex: 1st person singular [I, me, my], 1st person plural [we, our, us], 2nd person [you, you ‘re], 3rd person [he, she, it, they].)
  6. Style/Tone (Ex: professional/formal, personable/informal, hip, factual, humorous, lifestyle, conversational, etc.)
  7. Formatting Requirements (Ex: headers, bullet lists, numbered lists, HTML, short paragraphs, hyperlinks, call to action, meta information, etc.)

Article Structure or Format

Let your article follow this content format. Otherwise, we will move it from our inbox to our trash with the click of a button:

Section 1. Introduction. Briefly introduce your article.

Section 2. Learning objectives. What will your readers learn

Section 3. Body

Section 4. Conclusion

What We Do Not Accept

  1. Self-promoting content or promotion of personal business
  2. Development of Affiliate Links
  3. Articles that are not relevant to our business niche
  4. Links within a post. We will place these based on our editorial discretion.
  5. No copying, regurgitated, or rewritten content. No spun articles. We have a ‘ninja’ software that can quickly detect all these and whip you out. No, try am!
  6. No article, even if written by you, that has been published somewhere else before.

About Payment

  1. We pay between one and three cents per word(Dependent on the quality of the content). All articles should be between 350 and 500 words.
  2. We ONLY pay for the articles we approve and publish. If you submit two articles and only one gets accepted, it is that everyone agreed that it would be released and paid.
  3. We pay at the end of every month to your PayPal or Stripe account.

Our Reservations

  1. We have the exclusive rights to every article published on our site, including the one you are planning to submit to us! Uh? Yep! As such, you may not post it anywhere else without our written consent. If you do (warning tone), do not try it.
  2. We reserve the right to edit, revise, reject, or not publish your article based on our sole discretion. Whatever happens, we will keep you in the loop.
  3. We may also ask you to revise your article to effect some corrections.
  4. We can format the post the way we like for SEO property or suit our blog, which includes, but not limited to, heading, subheading, alignment, spelling, grammar check.

Get Started Today!

Send us an email with Request For a Paid Writing Brief as the subject of the message. You could suggest the topics you want to write on and request topics. We will take it from there and send you a writing brief.